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Listener - Time Is A Machine

Darren Johns
Darren Johns 20 August 2013 at 16.56

Listener - Time Is A Machine Cover

Intense, inspiring and crushing. Listener, everybody...

Four albums in, and Listener’s Dan Smith is swinging his axe of catharsis in spectacular form. As purveyors of talk music, Listener are peerless – spitting, howling and gurning on ‘Good News First’ with all the righteous fury of your proto-hardcore heroes and communicating the pain of ‘It Will All Happen The Way It Should’ with all the bittersweet fragility of your post-hardcore heroes. All the while, the music is every bit as intense, inspiring and crushing. ‘Time Is A Machine’ isn’t an easy listen, but how could it be when the protagonist is trying to drive nails of enlightenment through your bony misconceptions?

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