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Less Art - ‘Strangled Light’

Will Cross
Will Cross 20 July 2017 at 15.01

Less Art - ‘Strangled Light’ Cover

A supergroup worth your time.

There’s a strange phenomenon sweeping the world right now: of supergroups being, well, good.

Spearheaded by Thrice’s Eddy and Riley Breckenridge, Less Art make a foray into experimental, emotionally-abrasive hardcore.

The tracks comprising their debut album swell and burst manically around bruising lyrical confessions, something that later moments like ‘Pessimism Is Denial’ take and ramp up to a hundred – “We all hate each other, no one gives a fuck” anyone?

This isn’t going to convert anyone uninterested in the genre, but it is a good, if challenging, project that’s worth your time.    

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