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Lemuria - Pebble

Rock Sound
Rock Sound 4 February 2011 at 09.00

Lemuria - Pebble Cover

With their second album Lemuria have found a progressive post-punk sound...

With their second album (and first after a surprising move to hardcore label Bridge Nine Records) the bittersweet indie-pop-punk female-fronted Lemuria have dug deeper than their debut and found a progressive post-punk sound. Two years in waiting, ‘Pebble’ moves away from the sugar-sweet hooks the Buffalo trio have become known for and steps towards solemn, apathetic grunge. Reflecting the handiwork of producer and ex-Jawbox frontman J Robbins, the experimental indie-fuzz feel gives adorable glossy integrity to lo-fi monotone emotion. Eleven tracks of grunge-pop guile, Lemuria aren’t scared of taking a stroll outside the lines.

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