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Last Witness - Mourning After

Rob Sayce
Rob Sayce 20 February 2012 at 17.19

Last Witness - Mourning After Cover

Killer band, killer record. Get this now.

What Last Witness lack in nuance, they make up in sheer force. A stunning live act who almost didn’t make it this far, the London mob have served up a monster here, quite simply one of the angriest, most hard-hitting slices of metallic hardcore you’ll have heard in a while. Tracks like ‘The Void’ are physically and emotionally draining affairs, devoid of the barest chink of light, and as such this record is essentially catharsis incarnate. A little one-dimensional but undoubtedly effective, ‘Mourning After’ looks to put Last Witness on strong footing going into 2012. Just remember to keep breathing.

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