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LaFaro - Easy Meat

Pete Withers
Pete Withers 15 September 2011 at 13.59

LaFaro - Easy Meat Cover

Here at Rock Sound. we like meat. Especially when it's easy to get. Like bacon from Tesco round the corner...

Lurching out of the gate in a flurry of clattering percussion and toting a riff that hits like a rhinoceros with PMT, the appropriately-titled opener ‘Full Tilt’ ably sets the tone for ‘Easy Meat’, a thrillingly balls-out cavalcade of dark humour, creeping menace and rock fucking action. As Jonny Black’s viciously snarling vocals cut through a head-caving low-end and a rhythmic firestorm erupts behind guitars - played not as instruments, but as weapons of sonic belligerence - expect to find yourself smashing the shit out of your lounge, your pets and your loved ones before you can so much as catch you breath.

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