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Labirinto - Anatema

Dan Morgan
Dan Morgan 13 August 2011 at 12.23

Labirinto - Anatema Cover

A stunning piece of work from Labirinto...

The first thing you’ll notice about Labirinto’s debut (provided you buy a physical copy) is the stunning artwork. Fostering such high expectations could lead to setting oneself up for a fall, but the 70 epic minutes that make up this debut album are varied, engrossing and enthralling. Each of the six tracks passes the 10-minute mark and harbour several different passages à la Godspeed. However, each is linked with an obvious tonal vision more akin to Mono’s slow builds and grand crescendos. Mourning cello, mystic sitar, Old West banjo, whirring synthesiser and lonesome Mariachi guitar flesh out this unfolding post-rock opus.

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