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Knut - Wonder

25 June 2010 at 14.00

Knut - Wonder Cover

Top-notch quality post-sludge / noisecore...

That Switzerland’s Knut continue to revel in comparative obscurity, even in the digital age where supposedly ‘real’ and ‘heartfelt’ music is more easily accessible by the masses apparently seeking that sort of thing, is probably the most heinous crime being perpetuated in extreme music since they originally formed 16 years ago. Do we sound like bitter old coots? Too fucking right! Knut are a band that have continually nudged against the boundaries of noise-rock, mathcore, experimental sludge and grating soundscapes by offering up a number of challenging permutations and combinations of all of the above. People, have you ever experienced the spidery, finger dancing riffs of Christian Valleise and Tim Robert-Charrue? How about the head-bashing, caveman complexity of drummer Roderic Mounir? You really should listen to beastly tracks like ‘Leet’, ‘Damned Extroverts’ and ‘Lemmings’ so as to experience how the trio of musicians match each other’s every zig and zag with a jagged precision, making acerbic way for the colon-collapsing wall laid down by bassist Jerome Doudet and the always pissed-off howl of Didier Séverin. Even if there are a couple of boring-as-piss, dragged out segues, ‘Wonder’ continues Knut’s top-notch quality post-sludge / noisecore assault, which you should all get set to surrender yourselves to. Like, now.


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