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Killswitch Engage - ‘Killswitch Engage’

Darren Sadler
Darren Sadler 29 June 2009 at 15.29

Killswitch Engage - ‘Killswitch Engage’ Cover

Killswitch haven’t disappointed here whatsoever...

If criticism can be laid at 06s ‘As Daylight Dies’ opus it’s that Killswitch didn’t peel back the layers of their musical creativity enough. After the amazing success of ‘The End Of Heartache’ which was a groundbreaking, brilliant execution of modern melodic metal, its follow-up – while hardly shit – sounded somewhat safe; it showed a great band perhaps going through the tried and trusted motions. What the Massachusetts quintet have done this time around is truly excel in pushing their musical creativity without losing any of their identity. As the band have already proclaimed, this is Killswitch… but different. From the opening bludgeon of ‘Never Again’ right until the last notes of closer ‘This Is Goodbye’ ring out through the speakers, this is pure, fired-up Killswitch playing on 11. There are more European metal-influenced twin guitar harmonies, more classic rock-inspired moments, and even the band’s hardcore roots shine through to tremendous effect. What really impresses are Howard Jones’ passionate lyrics (emo enough to out-emo the most emo of emo bands) and the incredible vocal delivery that sees him roar like the head lion of the pride, and sing with the passion of Freddie Mercury. While to some ‘My Last Serenade’ may never be topped, Killswitch haven’t disappointed here whatsoever.

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