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Kidnapper Bell - ‘The Great Outdoors’

Rachel Kellehar
Rachel Kellehar 10 July 2009 at 15.00

Kidnapper Bell - ‘The Great Outdoors’ Cover

This is a damn fine, goodtime record...

It’s always good news when a band you’ve liked for awhile manage to defy the credit crunch and somehow find the time, energy and cash to put together an altogether decent alt-pop treat of a mini-album. Following up last summer’s sparky debut EP ‘Less Me More Sky’, this Brummie quartet throw some potent melodic shapes with bounding basslines, riotous percussion and playfully discordant boy/girl vocals. Showcasing a wealth of diversity, from the Tellison infused pop-harmonies of opener ‘The Great Outdoors’ to the schizophrenic rhythm and dynamics of ‘Collapsible Friend’, this is a damn fine, goodtime record.

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