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KEN Mode - Venerable

11 March 2011 at 09.00

KEN Mode - Venerable Cover

‘Venerable’ is dripping with irascible sarcasm, but you can still tap your toes to it.

The guitars sound like bandsaws grating against titanium re-bar and spit out discordant melodies like a blast furnace spits out slag. The drums pound like a blacksmith jacked up on gin and juice hammering a wrought iron spike. The bass rumbles like Mexican water through the intestines of a first time tourist. Winnipeg’s KEN Mode have the ingredients and have sculpted them into songs like ‘Batholith’ and ‘Mako Shark’ which straddle air-guitar worthy catchiness and the anger that gets regular folks punching cops. ‘Venerable’ is dripping with irascible sarcasm and makes you want to scream “Fuck!” from church bell towers, but you can still tap your toes to it.

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