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Katatonia - Night Is The New Day

Jim Burt
Jim Burt 3 November 2009 at 14.00

Katatonia - Night Is The New Day Cover

This is more of a stamp of authority on a genre they’ve excelled at for years...

Following 06s rather splendid offering ‘The Great Cold Distance’, Katatonia find themselves pondering their eighth studio album; except this is more of a stamp of authority on a genre they’ve excelled at for years, rather than a mere contemplation. Seemingly sounding more vibrant and alive than they have for some time, the Swedes have quite possibly penned their very own masterpiece here. The result is no huge departure, but neither have they been wallowing in stagnant waters; their sound seems to have undergone some kind of remarkable cleansing and the results are a tidal wave of invention. The heavy parts bring great weight as you’d expect, but it’s the beautiful melodies that bring a fresh impetus to their already well-honed craft, intertwining their way into the insides of your head. First single ‘Day & Then The Shade’ is a smart choice; equally brooding and heavy as it is melodic and urgent, atmospheric and progressive. Taken as a whole, this record is a mind-bending odyssey of melodies, moods, colours and soundscapes; labyrinthian ambience, glorious heights, despairing lows, and the type of awe-inspiring set of chapters which demand an instant replay. This is truly classic Katatonia, and of an unprecedented quality.

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