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Johnny Foreigner - Vs Everything

Dan Morgan
Dan Morgan 6 November 2011 at 13.54

Johnny Foreigner - Vs Everything Cover

A lengthy effort from JoFo, but it's well worth your time...

Johnny Foreigner’s enviable talent is to capture an air of youthful exuberance potent enough to make even the most jaded old rocker feel like a teenager again. Lyrically, nostalgia, relationships and the power of music are high on the agenda. Although some of the quieter tracks can overstay their welcome, this is a well-structured album, hopping between these and frantic, uplifting songs that prove Johnny Foreigner have a firm handle on both melody and noise. The band are at their most life-affirming when the music reaches mach speed, the drumming is frenzied and the excitable vocals delivered with such enthusiasm it practically demands a smile.

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