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Jimmy Eat World - Damage

Andy Ritchie
Andy Ritchie 10 June 2013 at 00.01

Jimmy Eat World - Damage Cover

Jimmy Eat World's 'Damage' is the Album Of The Month in the latest issue of Rock Sound. Come see some of the nice things we said about it.

Jimmy Eat World's ace new album is out this week, and we love it so much that we made it Album Of The Month in the latest issue of Rock Sound. In it, we say things like:

"Jimmy Eat World are undoubtedly an enigma. Now eight albums deep into their career, they never really slumped into any sort of mid-season funk that other bands of their age and ilk have, and while they will always have their own self-imposed measuring sticks of ’99’s ‘Clarity’ and ’01’s ‘Bleed American’ looming over their heads when it comes to putting a new album together, their subsequent work has never done their earlier innovations an injustice.
And with no reason to buck the trend, ‘Damage’ very much continues the Arizonan four-piece’s reliability streak."

oh, and also:

There are songs on here that will soundtrack a new generation of first kisses, first loves, first break-ups, first dances and funerals, and it’s because they’ve never lost that ability to relate to every human’s ability just to feel things that Jimmy Eat World remain a respected and dearly loved musical entity, some 17 years after their inception.

Then we decided that Jimmy Eat World are "one of the most reliable bands in rock," slapped an eight out of 10 score on it, and went to the pub. Job well done.

Basically, go get the record. It's brilliant. And go get the new issue of Rock Sound while you're at it to read the full review. It comes complete with a full page illustration of the band doing this:

Confused? Us too. Anyway, have a listen to the album below using the Deezer player.

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