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Jeniferever - ‘Spring Tides’

Mike Diver
Mike Diver 24 April 2009 at 16.00

Jeniferever - ‘Spring Tides’ Cover

‘Spring Tides’ is a purely natural high, available to all...

While Sweden’s Jeniferever made a lot of friends with the release of 06’s ‘Choose A Bright Morning’, the foursome’s debut long-player wore its influences rather too broadly for the record to truly stand out as a must-have release in the post-rock-cum-shoegaze field. With ‘Spring Tides’, they find their own voice magically, from the outset stamping their mark through new material that sparkles with a greater iridescence than anything they’ve penned previously, and the contrast from ethereal elegance to cacophonous bombast ensures attentions never wander. One example of their more-muscular approach is ‘Ox-Eye’, which pummels the listener into a dizzy state of sweet escapism, Kristofer Jönson’s light vocals filling the spaces between each thunderous drumbeat; that the track fizzles to an end only to glide wonderfully into the gentle, piano-led ‘St Gallen’ is indicative of the band’s ability to mix styles with no faltering of coherency. The previously released ‘Nangijala’ doesn’t feel out of place, its inclusion a worthy one given the limited-release nature of its original EP of last year, and come the title-track closer the listener has witnessed a band operating at a never-before-achieved level of accomplishment. ‘Spring Tides’ is a purely natural high, available to all.

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