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Jay Reatard - ‘Watch Me Fall’

Adam F. Kennedy
Adam F. Kennedy 20 August 2009 at 15.00

Jay Reatard - ‘Watch Me Fall’ Cover

Jay Reatard is a veritable garage rock veteran...

With a brief attention span and innumerable projects to his name, though yet to hit 30, Memphis, Tennessee’s Jay Reatard is a veritable garage rock veteran. At a touch over half an hour, his second solo album proper retains clarity of vision but ups production values a little, hyper-catchy refrains no longer so buried beneath fuzzy fervour. It peaks midway through ‘Faking It’, almost British intonation lacing dark edges to an outwardly sunny poppy gem. In fact, there’s very little to detract from ‘Watch Me Fall’, despite Mr Reatard rocking a disturbing Meat Loafaura on the cover artwork.

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