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Jasta - Jasta

29 July 2011 at 13.28

Jasta - Jasta Cover

Because you just can't get enough Jasta...

Is it an event worthy of anticipation anymore when James 'Jasta' Shanahan announces a new album coming down the pipeline? Every couple of months it seems like he’s foisting some new form of auditory viscosity on the public for consideration. Spreading good ideas thin is a problem often befalling the quantitatively prolific, something that plagues ‘Jasta.’ The album itself melodically spans a classic rock / metal mix (‘Something You Should Know’) to spiteful thrashcore (‘Walk That Path Alone’) with stops good and bad along the way. Some of his vocal lines seemed rushed and out-of-sync with the American metal chug, but he proves his pipes on a fair number of spots.


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