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Japandroids - ‘Near The Wild Heart Of Life’

David McLaughlin
David McLaughlin 19 January 2017 at 15.27

Japandroids - ‘Near The Wild Heart Of Life’ Cover

Welcome back, fellas.

While 2012’s ‘Celebration Rock’ put Japandroids on the musical map, the Canadian duo’s ANTI- Records debut feels slightly less boisterous – yet it retains the same wall of noise and spirit of reckless abandon.

Offering a heady cocktail of sped-up shoegaze and scuzzy, scrappy indie-rock, these eight songs see the pair once again shooting for the stars.

While none quite make it all the way, they do end up nestling rather nicely among the planets; particularly the spectacular title track and the adrenalin-fueled ‘No Known Drink Or Drug’.

A strong, almost special comeback.

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