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Incubus - If Not Now, When?

Jen Walker
Jen Walker 11 July 2011 at 14.10

Incubus - If Not Now, When? Cover

Shake off your preconceptions, Incubus' new one will shock even the die-hards...

When played back-to-back each of Incubus’ seven studio albums sound completely different yet, somehow, they still all sound like Incubus. ‘If Not Now, When?’ marks another progression in the band’s 20-year career, but if you’re hoping for an album full of tracks like lead single ‘Adolescents’ then you’re in for a bit of a surprise… Our advice to you? On the first few plays don’t listen to this album as an ‘Incubus’ record – clear your mind and judge the music on its own merit because even you diehards will be shocked. There are no straight-up rock moments like ‘Anna Molly’ or ‘Sick Sad Little World’, nor are there any piano-led ballads like ‘Here In My Room’ or ‘Love Hurts’, instead ‘If Not Now, When?’ offers more acoustic-focused tunes like the soon-to-be sing-along ‘Isadore’ and the slow-building ‘In The Company Of Wolves’ which is almost choral in places before bursting into a massive crescendo and psychedelic ending. ‘Switchblade’ and ‘Adolescents’ tie the old to the new, but it’s all very much new territory. Overall, ‘If Not Now, When?’ is the sound of Incubus coming of age. It’s not particularly experimental nor is it completely straightforward but it is concise and a risk that’s paid off.


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