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In Hearts Wake - ‘Ark’

Rob Sayce
Rob Sayce 25 May 2017 at 15.51

In Hearts Wake - ‘Ark’ Cover

An album with a message that hits as hard as the riffs.

You could never accuse In Hearts Wake of doing anything by halves.

Sweeping in after their interconnected ‘Earthwalker’ and ‘Skydancer’ records, ‘Ark’ is a full-on concept release, exploring the many ways that water unites, divides and defines us.

For all its urgent calls for global perspective (‘Passage’) and reform (‘Warcry’) though, the Byron Bay crew’s latest isn’t quite as inspiring on a musical level.

The riffs hit hard, the choruses are impassioned, but aside from the odd moment of glory (‘Nomad’), it’s painfully familiar, metalcore-by-the-numbers fare.

Still, even if the medium sometimes fails them, the band’s message should prove hard to shake.

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