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Ill Nino - Dead New World

Richard Cartey
Richard Cartey 2 December 2010 at 14.00

Ill Nino - Dead New World Cover

Strictly fan base only

Business as usual on Ill Niño’s fifth Latin-centred nu metal LP. The same heavy-verse / melodic-chorus template that’s pushed the New Jersey natives through a near-10-year recording career is ‘Dead New World’’s entire basis. Enjoyed all their other Spanish-themed output (that essentially equates to splicing Deftones’ ‘Adrenaline’ and Sepultura’s ‘Roots’)? Well, have another 45-minutes worth. While you can’t fault the execution, undoubtedly pleasant hooks or trend-blinkered perseverance, the development of even subtly applied new ideas is necessary for commendation. The admirable, though primarily awkward, cover of the Smashing Pumpkins classic ‘Bullet With Butterfly Wings’ doesn’t count. Strictly fan base only.

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