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I Prevail - ‘Lifelines’

Tomas Doyle
Tomas Doyle 21 October 2016 at 15.55

I Prevail - ‘Lifelines’ Cover

No Taylor Swift covers here.

Yes, they did do that YouTube-exploding Taylor Swift cover. With an original EP and now this full-length under their belts, though, I Prevail are stepping into bold new territory.

Indeed, if you’re rolling your eyes and anticipating a straight-up sing / scream metalcore snore-fest then you’ll be pleasantly surprised. There’s real melodic depth to ‘Lifelines’, drawing bravely as it does from both softer rock and pop influences and more mosh-igniting fare.

While they might not be the finished product quite yet, if you’re looking for genuine songcraft in a subgenre that so often lacks it, you could do a lot worse.

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