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Honningbarna - Verden Er Enkel

Richard Cartey
Richard Cartey 6 June 2013 at 13.51

Honningbarna - Verden Er Enkel Cover

Hardcore with a cello? Yeah, we're on board.

Sure, Norway’s Honningbarna have borrowed much of their Nordic rock ‘n’ roll from Refused’s college punk, but the 19-year-olds’ streamlined application on ‘Verden Er Enkel’ has a fearsome, charismatic identity of its own. Frantic, urgent, fantastic punk rock throughout, Honningbarna (literally meaning ‘honey children’) are guilty of creating music far beyond their years on ‘Verden Er Enkel’, and it leaps beyond their rock-inclined 2011 debut. The experience of multi-time Hives producer Pelle Gunnerfeldt is palpable as Honningbarna’s mad-yet-melodic indie punk and the raspy Norwegian-language vocals of cello-toting singer Edvard Valberg fire one another perfectly for all 31 minutes. This is far better than it should be.

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