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Hellions – ‘Opera Oblivia’

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 28 July 2016 at 16.52

Hellions – ‘Opera Oblivia’ Cover

Opera punk? 

With 2015’s ‘Indian Summer’ it felt like Sydney’s Hellions were threatening to create something really special. Turns out they were just building up to ‘Opera Oblivia’. 

The band’s third full-length twists and turns, bounding bravely between heartfelt anthems (‘24’), mosh pit battery (‘Nightliner Rhapsody’) and twisted balladry (‘Nuestra Culpa’) effortlessly and with little regard for convention. 

‘Opera Oblivia’ pulls off the difficult task of combining raucous hardcore with grandiose levels of seamless theatricality, and it makes for some of the most intriguing, innovative and audacious music currently doing the rounds in the thriving punk rock stratosphere.

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