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Hell Or Highwater - The Other Side

Gareth Pierce
Gareth Pierce 29 August 2013 at 16.03

Hell Or Highwater - The Other Side Cover

It's all a bit "moderate rock", we reckon...

Atreyu may be on hiatus, but singing drummer Brandon Saller’s work rate shows no sign of abating, with this EP emerging hot on the heels of Hell Or Highwater’s debut earlier this year. Side-projects always tend to fulfil a need the day job doesn’t, but Atreyu fans will find it hard not to be disappointed at how conservative ‘The Other Side’ is. The occasional big riff pops up, but the tendency is towards the sort of limp sentimentality destined to soundtrack vacuous montages in Michael Bay films for years to come, and, to quote Cobain, it’s all a bit “moderate rock”.

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