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Heights - Dead Ends

Pete Withers
Pete Withers 17 June 2011 at 09.34

Heights - Dead Ends Cover

Heights debut takes catharsis by the scruff of the neck and deliberately feeds it through the wringer...

When a band’s debut album comes bookended with tracks entitled ‘We Live Alone…’ and ‘And That’s How We Die…’, the listener is left in little doubt as to where its creators are coming from. To put it bluntly, Home Counties boys Heights are not happy campers, and on ‘Dead Ends’ they take catharsis by the scruff of the neck and deliberately, painstakingly feed it through the fucking wringer. Far from the predictable soul-scouring this could entail, however, vocalist Thomas Debaere’s bloody-throated emotional exorcism is carried not only by his frightening conviction, but by torturously executed, frequently transcendent squalls of lead-heavy supremacy. Ace.

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