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Hearts No Static - Motif

Dan Morgan
Dan Morgan 18 December 2009 at 16.03

Hearts No Static - Motif Cover

Melancholic yet ultimately uplifting...

Hearts No Static are an instrumental Swedish three-piece using said moniker as an outlet for experimentation outside of their main bands. As such, ‘Motif’ can feel incomplete, more vignettes than the full story. Remarkably, the album benefits from this loose scrapbook approach thanks to its members’ consistent vision. Exuding an air of calm and tranquillity, ‘Motif’ wraps pulsing motorik rhythms (‘Fashion Death’), gentle vibraphone drones (‘Strait Of Malacca’) and chilled lounge vibes (‘Elitism’) into an ambient / post-rock framework. Melancholy yet ultimately uplifting, Hearts No Static’s affecting debut fulfils its aim of “painting with sound” with earnest.

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