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Heart In Hand - A Beautiful White

Rob Sayce
Rob Sayce 3 November 2014 at 16.33

Heart In Hand - A Beautiful White Cover

The new effort from south coast melodic hardcore types Heart In Hand: what did we think?

Marginally more varied than their previous releases but occasionally lapsing into their tried-and-tested formula, Heart In Hand’s latest album sees them building upon a familiar foundation. ‘A Beautiful White’ spirals with breathless intensity, throwing a handful of emotional sucker-punches and some impressive lead guitar work into the mix. With sky-high tempos, delicate interludes and the odd moment of spine-tingling poignancy, it’s more ambitious than your average melodic hardcore fare and all the better for it, even if early songs ‘Colours And Chemicals’ and ‘Mae’ set a standard that the others can’t match. This won’t convince everyone, but fans should be left plenty satisfied.

This review originally appears in Issue 194 of Rock Sound. That's available to download or order RIGHT NOW, and hits UK stores on Wednesday, November 05.

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