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Health - ‘Get Colour’

Adam F. Kennedy
Adam F. Kennedy 12 September 2009 at 15.00

Health - ‘Get Colour’ Cover

This sophomore album is bent on rhythmic speaker destruction...

Shoving a sonic bomb under the DIY scene based around cult Los Angeles gig space The Smell, uppercase-loving noise-disco four-piece HEALTH are a vicious proposition compared to venue-sharing peers like No Age and The Mae Shi. This sophomore album is bent on rhythmic speaker destruction too, harnessing impressive live show energy. Tribally huge drums pulsate throughout, applying Darwinist theories to an evolving half-hour that disappears in an eye-blink of discordant controlled chaos, scarcely acknowledging tracks changing. The only spanner in the works is insistence on weak shoegaze-style vocals, blunting the impact of otherwise climatic skull-smashers such as ‘Severin’ with frustrating regularity.

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