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He Is Legend - ‘It Hates You’

Ronnie Kerswell
Ronnie Kerswell 27 July 2009 at 17.15

He Is Legend - ‘It Hates You’ Cover

This third effort sees the foursome basking in bold sonic statements...

Their last album, ‘06’s ‘Suck Out The Poison’, saw the Wilmington, North Carolina lot striding in a different, more laid back rock direction. Yes, it divided fans, but it brought HIL teetering on the brink of mainstream recognition. Now third outing, the acrimoniously monikered ‘It Hates You’, is confirmation that the identikit metalcore as found on ‘I Am Hollywood’ is firmly locked in the past. Continuing where ‘…Poison’ left off, only this time with the stylish swagger of confidence, this third effort sees the foursome basking in bold sonic statements and unafraid to experiment with different textures and wild time signatures – all in the same song! Opener ‘Dicephalous’, plays with high-reverb, off-kilter guitar tones and busy basslines before the biting chorus kicks in, almost like a pop Deftones. Then these little bastards trip you up with another unexpected time change. ‘Party Time!’ is a fucking riot best enjoyed surrounded by a few empty cans and a house-load of comatose guests; the shining ‘Future’s Bright Men’ is a fierce, whirling dervish of growling guitars, while the crunching ‘Cult Of She’ is a down-tuned delight. Beaming with confidence, ‘It…’ may hate you, but you’ll love ‘It..’ right back!

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