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Have Mercy - ‘Make The Best Of It’

Rob Sayce
Rob Sayce 13 April 2017 at 11.51

Have Mercy - ‘Make The Best Of It’ Cover

An album to destroy your feelings to.

Baring their scorched, brittle hearts for the world to see, Have Mercy deal in pop-punk-tinged emo – with a chaser of straight venom.

If Moose Blood stayed indoors, drank heavily and spent their days staring into the abyss, they might emerge with something like ‘Make The Best Of It’; from the eerie murder fantasy of ‘Reaper’ to the detached melancholy running through ‘Smoke And Lace’.

Yet, whether it’s the lived-in grit of Brian Swindle’s vocals or the spare melodies of ‘Drive’ and ‘Baby Grand’, there are enough special moments and poignant observations here to recommend a peek into the gloom.

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