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Great Cynics - Don’t Need Much

Amy Bangs
Amy Bangs 14 June 2011 at 09.08

Great Cynics - Don’t Need Much Cover

Now a three-piece, Great Cynics haven't compromised their signature sound...

With former solo acoustic singer Giles Bidder switching his songs over to a three-piece band, Great Cynics haven’t compromised the sound that’s become his signature for live sets the past couple of years - rather, they’ve added even more atmosphere to his four-chord punk. For those who preferred Bidder’s solo set-up, there are a few familiar songs that stick with a plain vocals-and-guitar sound (it’s just electric this time, instead). For new listeners, recent EP ‘Dave & Angela’ neatly defines much of the album, with its title track and ‘Twenty Five’ in particular summing Great Cynics up at his most to-the-point, singalong sound.

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