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Gone Is Gone - ‘Echolocation’

William Cross
William Cross 6 January 2017 at 11.12

Gone Is Gone - ‘Echolocation’ Cover

We take a look at the supergroup's new full-length.

Featuring members of Mastodon and Queens Of The Stone Age among others, Gone Is Gone’s ‘Violescent’ EP was a messy mix of ideas. Thankfully, their debut album ‘Echolocation’ is a much more focused affair.

While the spacious (and slightly dreary) prog textures remain, the lurching riffs of ‘Resurge’ and melodic highs of ‘Ornament’ hit the bullseye; showing how talented these four musicians truly are.

Influences as surprising as David Bowie and Nine Inch Nails creep in here and there, resulting in a more rounded body of work. With cuts like ‘Fast Awakening’ and the psychedelic ‘Pawns’ adding some much needed urgency, this record bodes well for the supergroup’s future. 

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