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Gnarwolves - ‘Outsiders’

Will Cross
Will Cross 28 April 2017 at 11.09

Gnarwolves - ‘Outsiders’ Cover

If you need a punk record for summer, this is it.

Just showing up and plugging in without a single fuck given has long been Gnarwolves’ shtick but, crucially, they’ve also been steadily unspooling a slew of great songs.

‘Outsiders’ continues that trend and then some. ‘Straitjacket’ kicks things off like a fizzing bottle of cider, killer pop hooks shining through its utter raucousness.

Elsewhere ‘Wires’ brings a poignant emotional edge into play, before ‘The Comedown Song’ explores life beyond the punk world and ‘Channelling Brian Molko’ introduces a dose of tongue-in-cheek humour.

This album adds even more strings to Gnarwolves’ bow, shining a stronger light on their subtle, understated songwriting nous.

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