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Gay For Johnny Depp - Manthology

Jen Walker
Jen Walker 8 December 2009 at 14.00

Gay For Johnny Depp - Manthology Cover

This retrospective may not always flow, but it certainly packs a punch...

Now that record label Captains Of Industry is no more and the records of their former roster are virtually impossible to find, New York four-piece Gay For Johnny Depp are releasing this, a record made up entirely of tracks from their previously released EPs, 05s debut album, a tour single, a remix and their new five-tracker ‘The Ski Mask Orgy’. Known in full as ‘Manthology: A Tireless Exercise In Narcissism Featuring Gay For Johnny Depp’s Excellent Cadavers’, this retrospective may not always flow particularly well and at times goes on a bit, but it certainly packs a punch (or 31).

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