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Future Of The Left - the plot against common sense

Pete Withers
Pete Withers 12 June 2012 at 16.01

Future Of The Left - the plot against common sense Cover

Relentlessly insistent and expectedly dancey. We likey.

Largely reining in the irreverence and wryly comedic observations of its predecessor – last year’s ‘Polymers Are Forever’ EP – ‘the plot against common sense’ sees Future Of The Left returning to the snarky, bitingly cynical stylings of yore, using the medium of recorded music to have a pop at everything they find dissatisfying in the modern world. Luckily though, they‘re smart enough not to overdo it, while the music itself retains the filthy bass, quirky synths and hypnotic repetition that characterised ‘Polymers…’, making for a relentlessly insistent, unexpectedly danceable record which manages to be as engaging as it is wilfully bizarre.

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