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Fun. - Aim And Ignite

Emily Kearns
Emily Kearns 11 June 2010 at 17.27

Fun. - Aim And Ignite Cover

A state of permanent summer...

Released last summer, ‘Aim And Ignite’ is an incredibly solid, impressive debut. Evolved from members of Steel Train and The Format, this Brooklyn trio have created an album that declares a state of permanent summer. This is possibly the most upbeat, life-loving, sickeningly joyous album you will hear all year. Pitch-perfect vocals, tip-toeing one moment and soaring the next, spill over a canvas of tinkled piano keys, mighty string accompaniments, plinked guitars, mellow interludes and stomping good-time numbers. Think The Beach Boys propelled into the modern day. Just you try and keep that smile from your face – you’ll fail.

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