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Free Throw - ‘Bear Your Mind’

Mischa Pearlman
Mischa Pearlman 18 May 2017 at 14.08

Free Throw - ‘Bear Your Mind’ Cover

The soundtrack to all your past relationships.

Summer. There’s no better time to be in love, or lament the loss of it.

Maybe that wasn’t the motivation behind the release date for Free Throw’s second full-length, but it certainly won’t hurt.

These 11 songs are fuelled by the same fragile, yet fiery passion that ignites first love, whether that’s the raucous remorse of ‘Randy, I Am The Liquor’ or the gentle self-reproach of ‘Hope Spot’.

While these songs take their cue from the pained confessionals of Taking Back Sunday and early(ish) Brand New, intriguing math-rock flourishes and full-hearted delivery render them fresh and exciting.

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