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Flights - History Be Kind

Candice Haridimou
Candice Haridimou 6 October 2014 at 17.30

Flights - History Be Kind Cover

Does the new Flights album take off (sorrynotsorry). Here's what we made of 'History Be Kind'.

Google search for this lot may only currently bring up the rates of air passenger duty, but with a first album as impressive as ‘History Be Kind’, we doubt it’ll be long before Flights are making their presence felt across Blighty. The Bristol band are onto a winner with an innovative noise that boasts as much elevated and majestic post-rock (‘Storms’) as it does tumbling alt-rock (‘Borrowed Time’). Such thirst for progression is unusual on a debut, but this bright quartet display no desire to play things safe, shifting time signatures and emitting first class harmonies like it’s second nature.

This review is hand picked from issue 193 of Rocksound. You can order your copy here, download it digitally or pick it up in UK stores this Wednesday (October 08).

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