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Finch - Back To Oblivion

Andy Ritchie
Andy Ritchie 12 September 2014 at 14.37

Finch - Back To Oblivion Cover

It's been too long since we've had a new album from Finch. But has the wait been worth it? Um...

Living up to past glories is a challenge for any band, but none seem to have as hard a time of it as Finch. Here they are, post-hiatus and with a desire to create again, but they only have a crushingly dull 50-odd minutes to show for it. There is none of the immediacy of ‘What It Is To Burn’ here, none of the balls of ‘Say Hello To Sunshine’ and barely a hint of any actual songs. This is a lethargic, dull attempt at writing an album from a band that sound like they’ve forgotten how to do just that. 

This review originally appears in issue 192 of Rock Sound. You can download it digitally, order a copy to your door or pick it up in UK stores now!

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