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Feeder - Renegades

Tim Newbound
Tim Newbound 5 July 2010 at 15.01

Feeder - Renegades Cover

Return to rockier form...

This is hailed as Feeder’s return to rockier form, dropping their frustrating MOR style of recent albums. That’s fairly accurate; ‘Renegades’ is a proper, harder melodic rock record, as exemplified in the likes of ‘Sentimental’, ‘Home' and 'Barking Dogs’, the latter of which is based around a great, almost QOTSAesque riff. However, Feeder have become a band relished for penning anthemic songs, and there’s not much on ‘Renegades’ to suggest that they’re back to their best. It’s an obvious slight to suggest that Feeder are heading towards rock retirement, and as such Rock Sound is reticent to suggest so. Just did it though, sorry.

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