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Feed The Rhino - Mr. Red Eye

Pete Withers
Pete Withers 1 July 2010 at 15.18

Feed The Rhino - Mr. Red Eye Cover

Onto something pretty special...

What with their record label being In At The Deep End, and their manager none other than Gallows bassist Stuart Gili-Ross, comparisons between Feed The Rhino and the Watford bruisers are inevitable. Whilst these hold up to an extent – both bands certainly share an unrestrained, gut-level attack and a blatant disregard for niceties – FTR possess a sack-full of terrific, rollicking riffs, along an undeniable ear for a groove. There may be few memorable hooks and only mild flirtations with melody here, but it’s evident from the likes of the superb ‘Empty Mirrors’ that theses guys are already onto something pretty special.

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