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FALLS - ‘Cream’

Josh Hummerston
Josh Hummerston 2 December 2016 at 16.29

FALLS - ‘Cream’ Cover

Who needs genres anyway?

Beefy, frantic and adventurous. It sounds like a strange mix, but when describing the sonic frenzy unleashed by this Welsh foursome, coherence jumps straight out the window.

In fact, FALLS weld together elements of hardcore, mathcore, alternative rock and just about everything else on this EP. Stylistic consistency gives way to fluctuating madness in their chaotic, yet brilliant spectacle of sound.

That’s before you even consider their cryptic, sometimes deranged lyrics (“Make me your god / I can ruin anything”). The band’s ability to transcend genre tropes allows them to remain wild and spontaneous, so while this may be an acquired taste, it’s certainly memorable.

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