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Falling In Reverse - ‘Coming Home’

Ryan Bird
Ryan Bird 30 March 2017 at 15.21

Falling In Reverse - ‘Coming Home’ Cover

It's not what you'd expect from Radke & co.

Ronnie Radke is a borderline creative genius, capable of provoking unrivalled fury – but ‘Coming Home’ proves deeply underwhelming.

Like a punk shaving off their mohawk, this fourth album sees Radke’s provocative brilliance shed in favour of an expansive, slick sound.

Gone is the outrage, replaced by a collection of unremarkable rock songs. The choruses on ‘Coming Home’ and ‘Superhero’ are colossal, but it’s all so safe. ‘I Hate Everyone’ holds little excitement beyond the title, and overall there’s no bite to a record dominated by synths and electronics.

This is so inoffensive, it’ll be hard for anyone to hate – or love.

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