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Fair Ohs - Everything Is Dancing

Emily Kearns
Emily Kearns 13 August 2011 at 12.10

Fair Ohs - Everything Is Dancing Cover

African-inspired rhythms and punk rock influences from Fair Ohs...

It’s always summer in camp Fair Ohs, where relentless energy and a sunny disposition are clearly requirements of members. Marrying African-inspired rhythms with cheery punk rock influences, the London trio transport you to a sunshine-sodden land where the dancefloor is always full and most likely awash with over-sized sunglasses and Hawaiian shirts. Almost continuously upbeat, if a hint of melancholy is detected, it’s tossed aside almost as soon as you’ve woken up to it. With hints of Vampire Weekend and even Paul Simon à la Graceland, single ‘Eden Rock’ smacks of beach holidays and ‘Katasraj’ is a superb flurry of hectic, hip-shaking mega-energy.

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