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Evarose - Elements

Lauren Mullineaux
Lauren Mullineaux 6 August 2012 at 17.07

Evarose - Elements Cover

Light-hearted and bright-eyed pop rock from this Oxfordshire four-piece

As Paramore redefine their sound post-Farro brothers, all-girl quartet Evarose seem to be making good use of their time by setting their sights on becoming the heirs to the pop rock crown. The Oxfordshire girls’ EP is five slices of harmless summer fun complete with power chords and infectious hooks, while vocalist Dannika Webber’s chants of “This isn’t me but I can’t seem to control myself,” will undoubtedly be screamed back at her by teenagers everywhere in the months (and hopefully years) to come. Their light-hearted and bright-eyed approach treads no new ground, but there’s enough here to suggest an equally upbeat future.

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