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Evaline - Woven Material

Kate Rice
Kate Rice 17 July 2011 at 12.20

Evaline - Woven Material Cover

Evaline are one big melting pot of progressive, alt-rock and post-punk vibes...

To label this Californian six-piece ‘eclectic’ is a gross understatement to say the least. Blending elements of anthemic rock with new wave dramatics, opening track ‘Beneath The Fire’ creates an amalgamation of expansive intertwined guitars, peaceful piano, feverish drumbeats, with aggressive yet harrowing vocals. Sounding a bit like Radiohead if Thom York decided to fully embrace his inner punk, Evaline’s sound is extremely accessible - the multi-layered guitar enables one to lose themselves in the emphatic tone of the melodies. With this melting pot of progressive / alt-rock / post-punk vibes, the only constant is creating something thoroughly dynamic.

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