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Esben And The Witch - ‘Violet Cries’

22 January 2011 at 09.00

Esben And The Witch - ‘Violet Cries’ Cover

Revel in the gloom

What Brighton’s Esben And The Witch have achieved is as strange as it is something to celebrate. Following 09’s EP ‘33’ the band have become a popular name check despite their dark sound. ‘Violet Cries’ drifts along in a relentlessly ominous dream, as post-rock segues hide beneath a surface of guitar fuzz, cymbal tinkering and eerie synthscapes. At the heart of darkness lies the English literature wet dream prose in the vocal chants of Rachel Davies who remains the centrifugal driving force. It’s a potently bewitching album that despite its progressive sway and celestial melodies deems the ‘nightmare-pop’ tag. Revel in the gloom.

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