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Erlen Meyer - Erlen Meyer

Neil Gardner
Neil Gardner 20 May 2013 at 17.52

Erlen Meyer - Erlen Meyer Cover

French loudness. Great stuff.

France has proved a useful festering ground for music from metal’s darker outer reaches of late, with stellar releases from Blut Aus Nord, Alcest and Crown amongst others, and this slow-burning sludgy debut from the Limoges four-piece, mixed by Cult Of Luna’s Magnus Lindberg, is a compelling addition to that litany. Born out of tragedy with their drummer having being killed in a motorcycle crash shortly before recording began, the quartet brew up a potent discordant churn on an unlikely tribute to Agatha Christie, while Olivier Lacroix’s hellish shriek on the roaring landscape of ‘Temple du Cri’ is particularly impressive.

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