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Enter Shikari - Tribalism

24 February 2010 at 14.00

Enter Shikari - Tribalism Cover

Tribalism is explosive...

Pass the ecstasy pills, preferably ones with hand grenade images on them, because Tribalism is explosive. Enter-Shikari have blasted out of their alternative-metal safety zone and into drum’n’bass terrain on this companion to Common Dreads. The Lights Go Blue remix of ‘No Sleep Tonight’ and the previously unreleased High Contrast mix of ‘Wall’ exude some natural overdrive while ‘Juggernauts’ Nero remix rips through the album with acid high alacrity. More metal tracks are present like ‘Insomnia’ live at Brixton, where the in front of a crowd energy levels soar. The only quibble is the Mistabishi remix of ‘No Sleep Tonight’ which is distinctly chav-tastic.

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