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Eisley - ‘I’m Only Dreaming’

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 10 February 2017 at 11.09

Eisley - ‘I’m Only Dreaming’ Cover

Prepare your emotions.

Eisley have always had a knack for plucking at the heartstrings, but their first album in three years, and first with Sherri Dupree-Bemis on lead vocal duties, is on a different level.

Like the warmth of the sun on the back of your neck, the gorgeously glitchy ‘Sparking’, engrossing acoustic cut ‘Rabbit Hole’ and touching ‘A Song For The Birds’ demonstrate songwriting and emotional honesty of an impressive calibre.

The Texas crew have created a piece of art that probes into what it means to love and be loved with real intent and passion. If you’ve slept on this band up until now, it’s time to change that. 

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